2003 - $ 2,000,000
West Hills Road Fire

A commercial building with over 30 residents caught on fire and the lack of proper fire escapes and alarms resulted in several deaths and many seriously burned. Our clients suffered from 2nd and 3rd Degree burns over 50% of their body, and several of our clients died.
2007 - $ 1,7000,000
Boiler explosion

While on site removing a petroleum tank the tank caused sparks that ignited an explosion. As a result our client suffered 2nd and 3rd degree burns.
2008 - $ 125,000
Motor Vehicle Accident

Our client was unloading products from the rear of his truck when struck by another vehicle. As a result, our client suffered back, knee, neck, head, and an ankle fractures.
2014 - $ 300,000
Dog bite

Minor suffered a laceration to the face with a nasal fracture from a dog bite.
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