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Remember these 3 talking points when interacting with ICE

Even the idea of interacting with immigration law enforcement officials can be enough to elicit feelings of dread for non-citizens living in New York at this time. The current climate of immigration law and policy continues to exist in a state of flux, making many feel worried about what may happen next to affect their safety and status in the United States.

If you feel nervous or uninformed about how to conduct yourself during an interaction with law enforcement officers, consider some key talking points to keep in mind. While there is no surefire way to ensure a positive outcome, it is beneficial to prepare yourself in case an officer questions your immigration status or attempts to detain you or a loved one.

3 facts about dividing assets in a New York divorce

Ending a marriage is not easy. There are often painful emotions, complex logistical elements and a confusing legal system to navigate, which can be overwhelming. This can be especially true when it comes to the financial elements of divorce, like property division.

Dividing assets is typically one of the more complicated aspects of the process. Both parties want what they deserve, but they typically don't agree on what that means. However, understanding some basic facts about the process and laws in New York can help you manage your expectations and make informed decisions.

When are deadly road rage accidents most common?

Emotions can sometimes run high on the road. Unfortunately, some drivers lose control of anger when behind the wheel, engaging in road rage or overly aggressive driving. This conduct is not only very alarming for other drivers, it is also incredibly dangerous. In some cases, road rage can cause fatal crashes.

When are fatal road rage accidents most common? An Auto Insurance Center report evaluating data from deadly crashes can provide some insights.

Determining liability in a New York school bus crash

When you send your kid on the bus to go to school, you are trusting the driver and anyone involved with the vehicle your child goes on to deliver your loved one to school safely. While school buses tend to be safer and more affordable than cars, it can still be worrying to leave your child’s life in the hands of a stranger.

In a state like New York, bus accidents can be very common and are often the result of negligence. If your child receives major injuries because of these incidents, you should be aware of who can be potentially liable in different scenarios.

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