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Not all immigration issues require a consultation with a lawyer, but if you are unsure of something or if the issue needs to be addressed as soon as possible, then it's always better to ask for help. Now that Trump is president, there have been many changes. There is a crackdown on illegal immigration in this country. Many individuals have mixed feelings about his tactics to improve the issue of illegal immigration in our country. Palacios Law Group is trying to inform immigrants on ways that they can protect themselves. Immigrants, as well as illegal immigrants, still have rights. In many situations, hiring an attorney can actually save you time, aggravation, and even money (in cases where you may have to redo an application or if you try to defend yourself in a removal proceeding).

We always try to keep our blog as well as Facebook page up-to-date on the latest immigration changes and information that could be useful to you!

You will definitely want to call an immigration lawyer if the following applies to you.
- you are uncertain if you are eligible for a green card
-you are requesting discretionary relief, such as asylum or a waiver
-you are having a difficult time obtaining a USCIS green card, citizenship, or other immigration benefit
-you need emergency help with an immigration matter
-if deportation or removal proceeding are occurring against you
-you have been deported from the U.S. and wish to apply to return
- your immigration application was refused or denied
-you have been convicted of a criminal offense and are trying to enter the U.S. or protect yourself from removal from the U.S.
-you are planning to the U.S. to work, but your U.S. employer has not assisted with the immigration process
-you are struggling with any applications or paperwork involved
-or finally, you are applying for an investment-based visa

There are plenty of other reasons why you may reach out to a lawyer, but these are just the common scenarios. Palacios Law Group offers a free first-time consultation. We are here to help you. Call for our services!

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