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Legal and Illegal Immigration

| Jan 27, 2017 | Uncategorized


Immigration Laws and changes are a topic that has had a lot of discussion as of recently. With a new president, there have been very controversial ideas about how the United States should handle this issue of illegal immigration in our country. There are approximately 11.7 undocumented immigrants in our country. It is important for all people to have an understanding of immigration, and the process of that individuals go through in order to obtain citizenship or the legal right to temporarily live in this country. Palacios Law Group is always trying to help individuals in order to legally be able to live and work in this country. We help to bring families together.
There are two different visas that are issued by our government. One visa is immigrant, the other is non immigrant. A non immigrant visa is issued to those who are just here for temporary stay, whether that be for school, work, a trip, or other reason. The immigrant status usually goes to those become resident aliens or legal permanent residents.
An illegal alien is someone who is living in this country not legally. If you are someone who is a non immigrant , but overstay the time period that you are allowed, then you are considered an illegal alien. These individuals can be detained or deported at any time. An illegal alien that does not have any paperwork stating that they are able to stay here is considered an undocumented immigrant. Although there are many illegal immigrants in the United States, a lot of them are actually working to obtain legal status. 

Many people might think, well if there are so many illegal immigrants in our country, why is there such an issue with deporting them? Deportation is very costly. It is estimated that its costs more than $23,000 to remove just one person. Many of the people who are in our country illegally, are not here to cause crimes or problems. Many are students, workers, here with family who are trying to obtain legal status. Often because these individuals are waiting to be approved, and are not doing anything wrong, it is viewed as unnecessary to deport them. Often there are immigrants who are actually not allowed to reenter their country, if they overstayed in the U.S. This may make resolving the immigration issue difficult and a lengthy process.
An alien is going to want to become neutralized, and there are several ways for this to happen. This could be done through marriage. “Another way is for an immigrant visa holder to reside in the country for 5 years to obtain a permanent resident status.” You will have to fill out an application and go through an interview process.
The process of obtaining citizenship is often lengthy. The reason why it is important to get an attorney with expertise in this area is because they could make the process go smoother and quicker. They will make sure that all the proper paperwork is filled out, and confirm that you paid off any fees needed. This will help if you are trying to obtain a green card and the right to legally be here.
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