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Master Calendar Hearing

| Feb 27, 2017 | Uncategorized


A master calendar hearing is a short case that has to do with immigration . These meetings are usually the start as a way to remove an immigrant from the United States. The judge will schedule dates in which your defense, claims, or documents will be discussed in detail. You meet with a judge and a government attorney at this master calendar hearing. With a matter that is so serious, you are going to want to get an attorney. Your attorney will attend this meeting, and be there to answer most questions for you.
If you are placed in a situation where you have a master calendar meeting, it is important to make sure that you are fully prepared. You will first receive a notice to appear which will let you know the specific time, date, and place you need to be. If you want, you are able to bring family members to court with you. You must make sure that any family members that you bring are legal immigrants. It is always a good idea to make sure that you appear your best! How you dress is important. Do not be absent and do not arrive late. This will only hurt you in the long run. In a situation like this, a judge might deny your legal claim/ defense. It’s not just about looking the part and making sure that you are there on time. It’s especially important to make sure that you have any documents and paperwork that you need. ( Some of these might include your driver’s license, passport, and NTA notice) Remember that this initial court case is usually very short.
You are definitely going to want to know what you can expect when you get there. When you get to court, you are not going to be the only one who is there for your master calendar hearing. There will be other people there as well. Their court time will be scheduled in the same time block as yours. When the judge is ready for you, you will be called by your alien registration number. You will then speak to the judge, or your attorney will. If you are in need of any interpreter, you will have that option. You will be asked about your basic information, such as name, address, about your language, etc. If you do have a lawyer, they will represent you. The judge will review any charges against you. You will have to either admit or deny these charges. You need to really read and fully understand everything in your NTA before going to court. If any of the information in your NTA is incorrect, then you have to make that known. 

You can apply for asylum. You may apply for asylum status regardless of how you arrived in the United States or your current immigration status. Asylum is an immigration benefit that allows certain foreign nationals who fear persecution to remain lawfully in the U.S. indefinitely. Make sure that this or any other relief you are seeking is addressed in court. If you are applying for asylum it is because you are too fearful to go back to your home country. You are going to need to pick a different country as your country of removal.
At this master calendar hearing, the judge is going to set very important dates. You are going to want to make sure that you write down any information that you need. These cases are meant to be taken seriously, so you do not want to miss any. These are cases in which you will definitely want to get an experienced immigration lawyer to help you. You can always contact Palacios Law Group for any immigration questions and concerns that you have!
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