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Understanding Criminal Defense Law

| Apr 13, 2017 | Uncategorized


Criminal defense is legal protection provided to individuals accused of committing a crime. Those who are accused are considered innocent until they are proven guilty. They will have the chance to appear in court to defend themselves in this situation. It is highly recommended that this person gets a criminal law attorney to defend and support their case. Evidence that is used against those accused of crime is physical evidence left at the scene of the crime, witness statements, confessions, and drug or alcohol tests if those apply. Police force is not able to unreasonable search someone’s home, car, etc for evidence. They need a real, legal reason to do this.
After an arrest, the first thing that a defendant will want to do is get out of jail. If a defendant is in jail it will become more difficult for an attorney to help them with their case. Jail also provides the inconvenience of not allowing the defendant to work in order to obtain money to help their case by hiring a good defense lawyer. In order to get out of jail you are going to need to post bail or have someone you know post bail for you on your behalf. This bail money is also a sign that the defendant will be going to future court dates and will be proceeding accordingly. If the defendant does not show then this money is forfeited. If you cannot afford bail a judge can either agree to reduce bail or you can use a commercial bond service.

Many never actually reach the trial stage. Often with these cases there is a plea bargain. The defendant will agree to plead guilty in exchange for a more tolerant sentence. Usually this is the best option for many. In some cases it is not worth trying to fight.
If you do not take a plea bargain and the case goes to trial, you are going to want to have a good lawyer, evidence, and a very persuasive theory to explain why you were falsely accused. You are going to want to present your theory and have your lawyer present your theory in a way that people can understand, as well as agree with.
It is important to understand that you are absolutely going to need a lawyer. The criminal justice system was not made in order for you to defend yourself. What is the most important is making sure you choose the right person as your lawyer. There are some very important questions that you will want to ask your lawyer to help you feel confident that they are the right person to help your case.
You will want to ask the lawyer how many years of experience they have. You will want someone who has experience already and specializes in this. You may also want to consider asking how long the attorney has been working with cases similar to yours. The longer he or she has been working, the stronger their understanding will be. It’s not just the lawyer that is important. His staff is just as important. Don’t be afraid to ask them questions.
Always ask if they have insurance. It’s important to keep yourself protected. If you want a lawyer to try your case, you are going to want to ask. Sometimes they might withdraw from your case or refer you to a different lawyer.
These are just the basics when it comes to criminal law. When you need a lawyer, they will definitely be able to inform you with their own information in regards to your case. If you need someone to defend you, never hesitate to call Palacios Law Group!
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