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Filing A Complaint Against A Doctor

FilingAComplaintAgainstADoctor.jpgIt doesn't matter if we like a doctor or not. Sometimes a doctor will make a mistake making you feel as though you need to put in a complaint. When this medical provider's conduct has an affect on your health or is fraudulent, filing a complaint is a must. A mistake can be very minor, or it can be very serious. You should understand why you may be in a situation where you need to bring the matter to court.
If your doctor delivers substandard care, then this person has put themselves in a position to receive a formal complaint. This may be a misdiagnosis, careless treatment, or a delay in treatment. Under or over-prescribing medication and giving a patient the wrong medication are also reasons to submit a formal complaint.
Working under the influence of drugs or alcohol, sexual misconduct, practicing, without a license, and alter records are more examples of rightful complaints. 

If you want to bring disciplinary action against a doctor, you must first file a complaint with your state's medical board.
When the board receives a complaint against a doctor, It will enter into a system. The board will then review this compliant. The medical board might want to see medical records. Your identity will not be disclosed.
One complaint may not lead to any disciplinary actions against the doctor. If the board has received other complaints about this doctor, then they will have a good reason to launch an investigation.
Depending on how serious the complaint is, you may have a reason to file a medical malpractice lawsuit. Malpractice is when a hospital, doctor, or other healthcare professional injuries a patient.
A malpractice case will show that the doctor violated a standard of care recognized by law. The patient must prove that the injury caused significant damage. This may be extremely costly hospital bills, a loss of income, and pain and suffering.
If you feel that you may have a reason to file a malpractice lawsuit, you will definitely want to contact an attorney. These cases are usually expensive, but if you have the right evidence and an expert by your side, it will be worth it.
Make sure you never wait too long before filing a complaint or pursuing a case.
If you are in need of expert advice, you can always contact Palacios Law Group.
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