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When A Landlord Should Call A Lawyer

| Jun 7, 2017 | Uncategorized


Whether a tenant has been causing trouble in your building, and you are trying to evict them, a tenant or guest is trying to sue you due to the conditions of your property, a tenant is trying to sue you with the claims of property damage, or for any other reason, these are problems that will need the help of a law expert. There are some situations where a property owner might benefit from getting the help of a lawyer in order to make sure they keep themselves protected.
Landlords always try to make business profit, but at the same time, they want to steer clear of liability. Here are some common situations where a lawyer is recommended, and can help with your case.
An eviction case usually takes a lot less time than other civil cases. There are very detailed rules that the landlord must follow in order to make this process smooth, as well as win the case. They must notify the tenant of the lawsuit and file the right papers and forms. It is common that the judge will set the bar high when ruling in the landlord’s favor. The landlord must need a real reason to be evicting this tenant in order to win.
When it comes to an eviction case, the tenant’s home is at stake. This is a very serious issue.
If you are looking to win the eviction, it might be best to call a lawyer if this is your first experience ever evicting a tenant, the tenant is fighting this eviction with a lawyer, the tenant is also an employee that you are firing, this tenant is filing for bankruptcy, or you need to comply with rent control. 

You never know what to expect with tenants or potential tenants. There may be times that arise where a tenant will accuse you of illegal discrimination. Even landlords that comply with fair housing laws can get accused. If you are being sued because of discrimination, you will want to speak with a lawyer. Judges can award a civil penalty of $16,000 per violation for first-time offenders. This fee is besides the damages, attorney’s fee, and relief. If this is written or talked about by the press, it can be even more damaging. This can majorly impact your business’ reputation.
Another common situation that you should be aware about is if a tenant or guest tries to sue you due to injury or illness. They could claim that they got hurt or sick due to your carelessness. To find out more information about personal injury claims, make sure to check out our previous blog posts on the topic. A lawyer with personal injury experience is always recommended.
There have been many cases where a landlord does not keep up with the building maintenance. This might result in damage to your tenant’s property. An example of this would be if there is a leak, and it does damage to the tenant’s clothes, TV, computer, or other personal belongings. If the claim is high, then you might want to refer the issue to your insurance company.
Hiring a lawyer can also be helpful for a landlord if there is an audit, that has a lot of money at stake. If you made a serious mistake on your taxes, hiring a lawyer before an auditor uncovers this mistake can help you to avoid a damaging situation.
There are plenty of other times when you might want to consider hiring a lawyer such as if you are called to court as a defendant or plaintiff, if you want to change your business structure, when you are buying and selling property, or if you feel you need to defend your reputation.
Even if you do not need a lawyer for a court case, it may be best to seek out a lawyer just for advice.
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