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Benefits For Veterans

blog60.jpgLong-term care for elderly or disabled people is expensive. It is extremely difficult for families to afford the care that they need for their loved ones, especially if a family is in need of a paid caregiver or assisted living facility.
If this individual has served for the U.S. military, then they may be eligible for benefits. This will help the entire family with the financial burden. These benefits also may be available to the surviving spouses of former service members.
If someone is dealing with a disability, or even just the effects of aging, performing everyday activities could become more of a challenge. This person may need help preparing meals, dressing, walking, bathing, and so much more. As much as a family would love to give constant care and comfort to their loved one, it's not always an option. These families may turn to assisted living or a caregiver for help. These services are mostly not covered by Medi-care. There are options out there to help those who have served.
If a person is in need of help, and they served for as little as 90 days in any branch of the armed forces, Veterans Administration benefits may help by paying and providing long-term care.
If a wartime veteran has served at least 90 days of active duty, with at least one day in wartime period, they may qualify for a VA Pension. They must follow a certain criteria though. This criteria includes being 65 years old or older, being totally disabled, living in a nursing home receiving skilled nursing care, receiving Social Security Disability, or receiving Supplemental Security Income.
In order for this veteran to be eligible, he or she must have not of been dishonorably discharged. This individuals income must also be a certain amount.
Besides the pension, veterans may also be qualified for the Aid & Attendance benefit. This provides money to veterans and their surviving spouses who need help preforming daily activities. This option is also available for those who are blind, bedridden, or confined to a nursing home.
The Aid & Attendance benefit can also help pay for assisted living or nursing. If you are restricted to your home, then you may be eligible for housebound allowance. The amount you receive in benefits will depend on your annual income.
If you have a disability that is related to your military service, you may be eligible for VA disability compensation. You must apply for this.
If you are a veteran who is looking to get the help you need, you must apply with the VA. The application process could be complicated, so it's always important to contact a lawyer if you have any questions.
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