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Foster Care

| Jul 5, 2017 | Uncategorized


Considering becoming a foster parent?
There are so many children who have been orphaned or removed from their homes. These children are looking for a stable and loving environment. Not everyone chooses to adopt a child. There are other individuals or families who choose to be foster parents. Foster care provides these children with the care and support that they need. These arrangements differ from adoption because these are temporary situations. Sometimes foster care can lead to adoption though. 

Foster care can take a variety of forms. There is single foster family, group home, and kinship care. Single foster family is when one or more parents care for up to 6 foster children in their home. This sometimes will happen even with the parents own biological children living in the home.
A group home is when adults supervise more than 6 children.
Kinship care refers to full-time foster care. This care is done by relatives, godparents, stepparents, or other adults who have had a prior relationship with the child.
Most foster care programs are funded by the Social Security Act. According to Find Law, this passes funds to non-profit state-licensed organizations who oversee local foster programs.
Foster parents are able to receive subsidies and reimbursement for the additional expenses of caring for a foster child.
Now many people get interested in foster care, but what does it take to actually be a foster care parent? You will need to ensure that you could keep the child safe and care for their well-being. You must meet certain qualifications to become a foster parent. The same goes for adoption as well. There are plenty of resources online that will describe this in further detail. State laws will vary, so it is important to make sure that you educate yourself on your state’s laws.
Usually the person should be over 21 years old, has space for the kid, has a regular source of income, and no criminal record. They must be dependable.
The foster care process can be very complicated. It is a legal decision that you will really want to think about before making a decision. A family law expert, such as the lawyers at Palacios Law Group, can help you through the process , as well as, give you more information.
Contact us if you have been considering foster care.
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