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Student Visa Rules

| Aug 21, 2017 | Uncategorized


There are so many individuals who come to the United States for school. It is important to be aware of the rules involved, that way you can avoid any issues with your student visa status.
Once you are in the United States on a student visa, also know as an F-1 or M-1, your stay will depend on your visa’s expiration. It will also require you to maintain your student immigration status. You will need to follow the rules.

There are two very important rules that are a must in order to keep your student visa status. You must go to school and you must make sure that your school’s foreign student adviser or the USCIS approve of any changes in your plan.
There are many students who end up breaking these rules. You must remain a full-time student. If you lower the amount of courses that you are in, you drop out, work without permission, or switch your school program without informing the right people, you will lose your student status. If you lie or give any false information to the USCIS or get involved in any crime or violence, you will also be violating your status.

There are many instances in which one violation will lead to another violation. If you stay longer than you are supposed to , while you are working, then you are making two violations. There are several different other examples of how one violation could lead to multiple violations.
When you stay past the expiration of your visa, this is not a violation. The date on the visa is the last date you can enter the United States. If you do not leave the United States with an expired Visa, then you will have to renew it.
If you are concerned about violating your student visa status, then it is recommended that you talk to your school’s DSO.
If you have missed more school than you are supposed to due to sickness or pregnancy, then you will need to talk to your school’s DSO as well. This will not be viewed as a violation. The USCIS does not expect you to go to school if the medical issue is severe. You will be expected to resume classes regularly once you are in good health.

According to All Law, “The consequences of violating your status depend on what you do and who finds out about it. A very minor violation, such as babysitting one night for cash, may go unnoticed and/or result in nothing. But don’t take this example as permission to go out and try it!” Unauthorized employment is one of the worst violations. You do not want to risk this.

There are so many other potential consequences of violating the rules. Check out the source below for more information in regards to student visas.

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