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Trump’s Plan For Immigration

| Aug 16, 2017 | Uncategorized


With President Donald Trump in power, it has a lot of immigrants feeling scared for their future. With the crack down on illegal immigration in the United States, many people and families live in fear that they may be deported. It is always important to keep up with current news on immigration, and what President Trump plans to do.

According to this recent NY Times article, Donald Trump wants to slash the amount of legal immigration in the United States in half within the next 12 years. He wants to do this by limiting the ability for American citizens and legal residents to bring family members into this country.
“Since taking office, he has barred many visitors from select Muslim-majority countries, limited the influx of refugees, increased immigration arrests and pressed to build a wall along the southern border.”

With Mr. Trump’s attempt to ask Congress to curb legal immigration, he has continued to have more people talk about the issues. As this goes on, debates intensify about worker fairness, economic growth, and American values. There are many people who criticize Trump’s idea. President Trump believes that we need to bring in more skilled immigrants over other individuals.
President Trump believes that by cutting the amount of immigrants in the United States, the bonds of trust between America and its citizens will be restored.
President Trump has recently received just 33% of Americans approval in regards to his performance. This is one of the lowest ratings. He has gone down from 40% just a month ago.

Some individuals view Trump’s action as a way to tear apart communities and punish immigrants for making a contribution to the economy. Many individuals feel that this is not what America stands for.
The applicants who would be favored would be immigrants with skills, a higher education, and language abilities.
In the United States, more than one million people are granted legal residency each year. This number would be reduced by 41% in its first year. It would be reduced by 50% in its 10th year. The reductions would come from those who are brought in through family connections.
American citizens can sponsor spouses, parents, minor children, as well as siblings and adult children, but the number of visas available to these groups are limited.

According to the New York Times, “in 2014, 64 percent of immigrants admitted with legal residency were immediate relatives of American citizens or sponsored by family members. Just 15 percent entered through employment-based preferences, according to the Migration Policy Institute, an independent research organization.”
The legislation would also limit refugees with permanent residency to 50,000 a year.
According to estimations, if this plan was put into place, immigration would decrease to just 637,960 after a year.
What do you think about Trump’s new plan?

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