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Work-Related Accident Report


Accidents can happen at any time. Sometimes these accidents happen when you are at work. If this accident has left you with any serious injury or damage, then you may qualify for worker's compensation. If you are involved in an accident, you have to make sure you report it. This will protect you when making an injury claim.

As soon as your accident occurs, make sure to report it to a supervisor right away. If the injury has gotten worse over time, report it if you believe that it is a result of your job. (an example of this may be carpal tunnel or a back injury that has gotten worse because your job requires a lot of physical labor) If you do not report your injury with in approximately 30 days, you may lose your right to collect this compensation.
If you are trying to collect worker's compensation, then you will have to fill out an accident report. The worker's comp claim will ask you for personal information along with information about the accident. This report will usually include how the accident occurred, how the body was affected by the injury, who was involved, the date and time of the accident, and the medical treatment that you have undergone. You will have to give this to your employer, but you will also want to keep a copy for yourself.

You will want to keep all the information in regards to your claim organized. You will want to keep together any forms you filled out or documents received, notes on how this injury has affected your work, medical reports, pay stubs and time sheets, and receipts for any costs that you had to pay out of pocket.
After you fill out your claim and give it to your employer, your employer will have to fill out their part of the form. They will then file it. You will be contacted within a reasonable time to inform you on whether your claim has been accepted or denied.
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