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$10 Billion For Trump's Border Wall


There has been talk from President Trump from the very beginning about how he wants to help solve the immigration problem in the United States by building a wall and hiring more border patrol. With talk of this wall costing around $10 billion, many citizens are wondering who is going to pay for it and if taxpayers are going to pay for it. Trump has said that Mexico should pay for the wall, although it has been stated previously that they will not.
The House of Homeland Security Committee has now passed the Border Security for America Act. According to the Homeland Security Committee, "the bill targets illegal immigration and drug and human trafficking at our ports of entry and identifies visa overstays through full deployment of the Biometric Entry-Exit System. "
The timing of this vote is important because it likely represents the Republicans' willingness to use border wall funding as bargaining for both the year-end government funding debate and negotiations over the fate of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals initiative.
The cost for the funding of the wall is below any projection that exists at $10 billion. It is estimated that the cost of the remaining wall segments would be between $15 and $25 billion. With each of these segments having a mile of fencing that would be $16 million.
The bill does not just cover the funding of the wall. It also would cover an increase of patrol. The requirements to hire these agents would decrease as the employment opportunities increased. According to Immigration Impact, [ The DHS Office of Immigration Statistics concluded in a report out just last month, "that the southwest land border is more difficult to illegally cross today than ever before."]
The next step for legislation is a full vote in the House.
It will be important to stay up-to-date on House Replicans to see if this type of border legislation is a permanent solution.
Hopefully, instead of wasting their time with enforcement-only legislation, Congress will focus on more meaningful immigration reforms that move our nation forward.


Homeland Security Committee

Immigration Impact

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