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Divorce Checklist


Divorce is an extremely stressful and emotional time during someone's life. There are mistakes that the individuals involved commonly make that will cause more potential problems or damage.
Follow this checklist in order to avoid problems:
1. Pull your credit score. Once you go through a divorce, you will be faced with new finances on your own that you may not have considered. There is nothing worse than finding out about debt that you have months later. Check out our previous blog posts for more financial advice when going through the process of divorce.
2. Have you mail directed to a P.O. box. As you go through your separation, your spouse might receive mail under your name or a joint name that you do not want them to read.
3. Create a brand new email account. Change any passwords to your previous online profiles. Often people forget that their spouse knows their password, or it may even be saved in a computer that you both used. In order to avoid your spouse cyber-spying on you, it is recommended to change your password.
4. Get a divorce document checklist. Make copies of all the documents on it before your divorce starts. Often it may become difficult to collect all the information that you need while you are going through the divorce process. Once you start talking about divorce, you may notice that these documents suddenly "disappear" or maybe your spouse will grab a hold of these documents before you are able to obtain the information.
5. Get a calendar the schedule out your parenting schedule. Divorce is already difficult enough, but when you have kids in the mix, it becomes even more difficult. You do not want this divorce the majorly have a negative affect on the child. In order to avoid potential problems, you may want to schedule out your year in advance.
6. Find a checklist that covers parenting issues during a divorce. This relates to number 5 on the checklist as well. You will want to think about how everything will impact your child. Often parents may get caught up in their own feelings that they do not realize that the children involved are suffering too.
7. Make sure that all the money that is supposed to be transferred to you is. If a divorce judgement states that your ex has to give you money, this is great, but the judgement alone won't guarantee that the money gets to you. You are going to need a Qualified Domestic Relations Order to actually get the money transferred to you.
8. Make a new will, and change your beneficiary on all accounts after the divorce. You have spent a lot of time dividing up your assets with your spouse. The last thing that you will want is for your spouse to inherit this back.
9. Deal with any medical issues before you are divorced. Explore your own health insurance options as well. If you are under your spouse's health insurance policy and have health issues, then you are going to want to take advantage of this while you still can.
10. Put your irreplaceable items in a safe place before you start your divorce. Make sure to get any personal items from your ex after the divorce as soon as possible. Often it is easy for these items to go missing. It can be easy to put off obtaining these items right away from an ex because you do not want to see him or her, but this can cause potential problems if you wait to long.
A divorce checklist is always good to keep around. If you are in need of legal advice, feel free to contact PLG! We have expert divorce lawyers here to help.


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