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Prenuptial Agreements


Everybody dreams of the moment that someone asks to marry them, but they do not dream about the moment that they are asked to sign the prenuptial agreement.
This question really doesn't throw people off as much. It has become a lot more common for couples to get a prenup in order to protect themselves.
This question can at times make one of the individuals in the relationship uncomfortable if they were not expecting it.
In this blog post, we will discuss the benefits of this legal document. A prenup is only a contract. It is not a binding agreement. This is drawn up, agreed upon, and signed before the marriage.
Both people in the relationship get the chance to set forth what will happen to the income and assets if the marriage ends in separation, divorce, or death. Prenuptial agreements bring up conversations about income which is never easy, but it's definitely necessary. The financial well being of the marriage can be ensured ahead of time when a prenup is drawn up and approved by both parties.
Is a prenup right for you? If you fit into the following categories, then the answer is likely 'yes'.
- You have assets such as a home, stock, or retirement funds.
-You own all or part of a business.
-You are planning to receive money from an inheritance.
-You have children or grandchildren.
-If one of you is more financially stable than the other.
-One of you is supporting the education of the other.
-You have a loved one who needs to be taken care of.
-If you see potential for a large income increase due to your career.

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