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200,000 Salvadorans Forced To Leave The U.S.?

| Jan 8, 2018 | Uncategorized


There is no denying that one of the most pressing topics right now at the forefront of American politics is Immigration Policy. In recent news, Trump is taking action that affects roughly 200,000 immigrants in the country today.
In a statement made by the Department of Homeland Security, the Trump administration announced it will terminate the provisional residency permits of about 200,000 Salvadorans who have lived in this country since around 2001, leaving them subject to deportation. Prior to this development, the United States has deported around 40,000 Salvadorans in the past two years.
Salvadorans have until September 9th, 2019 to leave the U.S. or begin the process of obtaining permanent legal status. Salvadorans were previously granted Temporary Protected Status after a series of earthquakes hit the country in 2001, and have seen their permits renewed every 18 months. According to the Secretary of State, based on careful consideration it has been determined that the conditions caused by the 2001 earthquakes no longer exist. The argument therefore posed is that Salvadorian immigrants no longer need to remain in the United States.
Many immigration advocates and Salvadoran government officials want this protection to be extended due to the country’s gang violence and the potentially destabilizing effect of the volume of immigrants in our workforce being removed suddenly.
Another issue to consider is the children born to those recipients of TPS, tying in with the future of DACA as that legislation hangs in the balance currently.

According to The Washington Post,
“Only Congress can legislate a permanent solution addressing the lack of an enduring lawful immigration status of those currently protected by TPS who have lived and worked in the United States for many years,” the DHS statement read. “The 18-month delayed termination will allow Congress time to craft a potential legislative solution.”
President Trump had made it apparent during his campaigning that the United States under his administration would see a crackdown on immigration. Please refer to our previous blog posts to find out more information on Trump’s goals and plans for immigration in this country. Also, check out our previous blog posts for information about how you can protect yourself! Palacios Law Group is always here to help or offer advice.
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Source: Washington Post


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