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New Parent Checklist

| Jan 2, 2018 | Uncategorized


Pregnancy or adoption is a big deal and a major decision in the lives of the parents. You will have to make a lot of decisions such as choosing a guardian, estate planning, and so much more!
In this blog post, we will cover some basic aspects that you may experience as a new parent. You might not have considered some of these, but now is a good time to start!
If you would also like more information on adoption, child custody when you are going through a divorce, or other parenting information, make sure to check out our previous blog posts.
We understand that parenthood can be stressful as well as exciting, and we want to provide you with any information that you could need. It isn’t as scary if you take some time to stay informed.
If you are currently pregnant, you will want to check out how much of your pregnancy and delivery your health insurance will cover. You also may want to consider where and how you want to deliver your baby.
Want to make sure your child has a great pediatrician? You should find a doctor before your child arrives.
You will also want to make sure you find out how much maternity/paternity leave you can take as well as how much of it you will get paid for. You can also check out the source below for more information.
Once your baby arrives you will realize that issues will pop up that you might have never even thought about. Being a parent is all about learning along the way. You may not know how to apply for a birth certificate or wonder how your child gets a social security number. The source below also has a link for more information on that. You may be wondering if you are able to nurse in public, how you can arrange health insurance for your new baby, how you can make sure that the products you purchase are safe for your baby, or maybe even how you can take advantage of tax breaks available to parents.
Once you return back to work you may want to consider if you are going to use child care or not, who is available to help take care of the baby, what are your rights to take time off from work in order to care for your child or attend their activities, or what ways you can balance work and family.
Planning ahead is important! Of course, you cannot plan ahead for everything, but as long as you take into consideration the important aspects that we have stated above and do your research, you should be fine!
You may want to consider who the guardian of the child will be, writing a will, what you should include in that will, buying life insurance, and the best way to save to provide the best future for your child!
Palacios Law Group has plenty of other blog posts touching on ways to keep your finances in order. Those can help you on your journey as well!
If you are in need of family or divorce lawyer, do not hesitate to give us a call!



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