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Common Challenges Immigrant Women Face Upon Arrival To The U.S.

| Feb 7, 2018 | Uncategorized


The Tahirih Justice Center has recently surveyed and captured a report on the challenges that the women and girls face through the process of immigrating to the United States.
This report was conducted by collecting information from immigrant women, immigration advocates, and legal and social service providers. Majority of the immigrants were from Mexico and Central America. Some of those most impactful challenges include lack of legal remedies to prevent deportation, immigrant detention, accompanying challenges, and the lack of safe and affordable housing. In this blog post, we will cover each of these in more detail.
Those individuals who participated in the survey had stressed how narrow the legal standards are that prevent these women and girls from accessing protection and receiving asylum. Immigration judges do not often consider the gang violence in their home area as a valid reason to receive protection from deportation. This is an issue that Palacios Law Group had previously covered in a blog post about the deportation of 200,000 Salvadoran immigrants. Many people criticized the deportation of these immigrants stating that their home country is actually a lot less safe now than it was many years ago. There was concern about the gang violence from the MS-13 gang.
Women and girls have also reported abuse at the hands of immigration agents. It is believed that immigration officials would be manipulative and work to do more harm on immigrant cases for asylum. These women had also experienced trauma from being separated from their children.
Those immigrant women and girls who were detained also had to face the threat of homelessness upon being released. This was especially true for those without lawful status. They would have little choice being forced to live with an abuser or be manipulated into an exploitative housing situation.
According to Immigration Impact, “Survey participants also highlighted an inability to attain affordable counsel, language barriers, lack of services specializing in trauma, and mistrust of police as additional barriers to securing protection from deportation and a stable, safe living situation in the United States.”
According to the Tahirih Justice Center, unless there is a change made in Congress, then immigrant women and girls will continue to suffer.
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Source: Immigration Impact


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