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Updates For The Dreamers

| Mar 15, 2018 | Uncategorized


President Trump had terminated DACA initiative in the fall. He only allowed individuals whose DACA was going to expire before March 5, 2018, the opportunity to renew. This deadline has recently come. This date also becomes the deadline for the president and Congress to come up with a decision or a solution for the young immigrants who are brought to this country as children. Congress has not yet found a successful solution for those hundreds of thousands of Dreamers awaiting a resolution.
Although there was a lot of stress for there to be a solution by this deadline, this has been relieved. The court has decided to allow current DACA beneficiaries the opportunity to renew their DACA. Judges in both California and New York have concluded that the Trump administration’s legal reasoning for terminating DACA was inadequate.
The DHA needs to continue renewing DACA until the lawsuits run their course through the courts.
The Trump administration wanted the Supreme Court to intervene, but the court declined to hear the emergency appeal.
This does not mean that The Dreamers no longer have anything to worry about though. The USCIS is processing these renewals in the order that it is received rather than prioritizing those whose enrollment ends the soonest. According to data, only around 10% of those whose DACA expired between the announcement and March 5th have applied for renewal.
There are so many young individuals who are now locked out of the program. There is still a need for a permanent solution for these Dreamers. Every passing day, more and more individuals lose their protection and work authorization.
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