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Charges Against Immigrants

| Apr 23, 2018 | Uncategorized


As there is a crackdown on immigration in our country, more and more immigrants are being deported, or also facing more criminal charges. Families are being separated. Immigrants are being forced back to their home country despite the unsafe conditions there. Some immigrants that are leaving their country just in order to have a safer life are being charged as criminals for attempting to cross the border.
The Department of Justice has been charging more immigrants recently who have crossed the border. The immigrants that have crossed the border are asylum seekers. They are escaping violence and persecution in their home country. They are individuals from the caravan trying to escape their chance of death.
The federal government has been using the courts to their advantage to make sure those who have violated immigration policies face the consequences of their actions. For individuals that are seeking to fully migrate to the United States, a criminal charge can easily make this potential nonexistent.
In 2005 action was taken between the Department of Justice and the Department of Homeland Security in order prosecute a large number of migrants at the same time. The individuals who are charged often do not get the proper opportunity to speak to a lawyer. They are charged, tried, and convicted within hours. The action taken is called “Operation Streamline”.
The prosecutions constituted almost half of all prosecutions in federal court according to data from 2016. These cases are being viewed as high-priority, which is increasing this already high number. According to Immigration Impact, if the pace stays the same, this number will increase by 19. 5 %.
With the increase in violence, more immigrants have been seeking protection from the United States, but as you can see from our recent immigrant updates and previous blog posts, these migrants are being viewed as criminals rather than individuals that are in need of help.
“The Trump administration’s ramping up of these entry-related prosecutions is deeply concerning. These prosecutions do nothing to deter future migration and merely seek to criminalize a vulnerable population of people.”
Check out the source below to keep up-to-date with immigration changes.

Source: Immigration Impact


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