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DACA Updates


What's the latest news on DACA?
There have been some lawsuits occurring to attempt to stop the Department of Homeland Security from terminating DACA . President Donald Trump has been attempting to put it to an end to DACA, but due to the initiative taken, DHS is still accepting renewal applications.
There is a new lawsuit led by Texas that has the potential to upend everything, according to the Immigration Impact.
Originally when President Donald Trump announced the end of DACA in September 2017, individuals would have a one-month opportunity to submit a renewal. ( if their DACA was due to expire before March 5th)
Many of these individuals began to lose their status. This has resulted in multiple lawsuits being filed that argued why DACA could not be ended in such a manner.
The termination of DACA was viewed as a flawed legal promise. In a case in San Francisco, the court ordered DHS to again accept renewal application. The administration wanted the Supreme Court to take this case ASAP. The Supreme Court rejected this case leaving the administration to go through the regular appeals process.
Federal courts in both the District of Columbia and New York have also blocked the administration's attempt to end DACA, according to the Immigration Impact. The administration needed to come up with a better reason as to why to end DACA. The administration has until late July to provide a rational reason otherwise DHS will begin to accept both renewal and new applications.
Texas, as well as a few other states, had actually tried suing the Trump Administration in attempt to put a stop to DACA immediately rather than it being phased out.
Individuals can currently still apply for renewal. As for now, we just have to wait to see what other updates take place, as well as see if this will be an issue that the Supreme Court will take up.

Source: Immigration Impact

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