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Personal Injury FAQ

| May 2, 2018 | Uncategorized


Have you recently been injured due to another individual’s negligence? It’s common to have questions if you are considering a personal injury case. Palacios Law Group is here to help answer your frequently asked questions.
Often people ask if a health care insurer can be repaid from a personal injury settlement. They can and this is actually very common.
Most health insurance policies allow the insurance company to be reimbursed for the cost of medical bills. This is if the insured person gets a personal injury settlement. This right to repayment is called a personal injury lien.
You can ask your lawyer for a copy of the settlement check. This is actually recommended. Along with this, you also have the right to review a copy of the settlement breakdown sheet before the check is deposited. The insurance company check will usually have your name as well as your attorney’s name on it. Ask your lawyer for a copy of the actual settlement check forwarded to him or her by the insurance company. Also, ask for a copy of any checks written by the attorney to cover the costs involved with your case.
It is important to know that there is no minimum or maximum settlement amount in a personal injury case. The amount in a settlement is determined by a variety of factors including the nature and extent of your injuries, the amount of economic damages, how long the injury will last, and also how obvious it was that this accident was caused due to the defendant’s negligence.
An attorney’s fee is usually fixed. This number is sometimes open to negotiation though. It all depends on the complexity of the case and how long it is estimated to resolve it. If you are curious about Palacios Law Group‘s fees or how we can help your case, contact us for a FREE consultation.
If your child has been involved in a personal injury case, you will not be able to access the money. This is a form of protection for the child. The child will not be able to access the money until they hit the age of 18. A court will sometimes allow withdrawals from blocked accounts if the funds are needed for the child’s care and well-being.
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