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What If My Visa Application Is Denied?

If you have placed your hopes and your future on immigrating to the United States, having your visa (“green card”) application for permanent residency denied can feel like a crushing blow. However, it is not only possible to challenge a denial, it is possible to prevail and receive your visa.

At the Palacios Law Group, our founding attorney pioneered successful trial strategies in federal immigration cases. Our practice is strongly focused on representing new and future American citizens. We are in court regularly fighting for our client’s best interests as they move through the immigration process.

Reasons That Green Card Applications Are Denied

Our legal team will spend time with you and review your application to determine precisely why your visa application was not approved. Some common reasons for denial include:

  • Health-related concerns raised by your medical examination
  • Having a criminal record, including offenses such as drug trafficking, prostitution and money laundering
  • Security concerns or suspected allegiances with terrorist groups
  • Violating immigration laws or previously entering the United States unlawfully
  • Failure to meet visa application requirements

It can be confusing and difficult to challenge a visa application denial on your own. Our firm will explain your options in clear, direct language.

Discovering Your Options After A Denial

It is essential to have an attorney review your visa paperwork and the denial notice to assist you in determining the best way to move forward. Depending on your precise circumstances, we may advise you to:

  • File a new visa application
  • Appeal to the USCIS’s Administrative Appeals Office (AAO) to review your case
  • Submit a motion with the AAO to have your case reopened or reconsidered
  • Challenge the denial through a lawsuit in federal court

Our attorneys are trial-tested litigators who are unafraid to press your case in court. We have helped thousands of immigrants get and retain their visas.

Our Firm Can Help You Challenge A Visa Application Denial

Do not lose hope if your visa application has been denied. Or lawyers can help you find a solution. We are based in Mineola and serve Nassau County and Suffolk County, as well as clients across the state of New York. To set up a free case consultation, call us at 516-873-8783 or email our office. Se habla español.