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PLG Is More Than A Name
PLG is not just the name of our firm, but also an indicator of our commitment to Professional Legal Guidance. We offer this professionalism and integrity to every client we meet.

​Diverse Backgrounds For Diverse Cases

The Palacios Law Group employs a diverse team of lawyers who each focus on a different area of law. You can be assured that the attorney working with you has extensive experience in cases like yours.

Our attorneys collaborate on complex cases such as separation of kids and deported parents, or work injury claims for undocumented workers. You can rely on our skilled attorneys in any case, no matter how complex.

We Are A Multidisciplinary Firm Serving New York


Family Law

Personal Injury

Criminal Law

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Understand Every Step Of Your Case

We are a team of trial attorneys. When you are involved in a legal situation, you deserve an advocate who knows how to defend you. Through our collaborative approach and decades of experience, we are equipped to litigate against any opponent in any trial.

We view ourselves as your guides. The law is all but impossible to navigate without a legal background, which is why our attorneys lead clients through their cases one step at a time. If you have a question, we will answer it. If you have a concern, we will address it. Whatever your goal, we will fight for it.

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March 02, 2020
When you emigrated from another country to New York, you likely felt glad when you began making new friends. Especially if you didn’t already have many family members in the United States, you were no doubt relieved and comforted by…

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