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Construction Accidents

New York Construction Accident Lawyer

New York Construction Accident Lawyer

Construction sites naturally possess many dangers. Because of this, accidents frequently occur, leading to serious injuries or even fatalities for workers and passersby. If a construction accident in New York has injured you or a loved one, you need an experienced New York accident lawyer like those at Palacios Law Group. Our dedicated legal team stands ready to guide you through the intricate legal process and help you secure the compensation you deserve.

Common Types of Construction Accidents in New York

In New York, construction accidents manifest in various ways, each presenting its own set of hazards. Some of the most prevalent types include:

    • Falls from heights, such as scaffolding or ladders.
    • Injuries from falling objects or debris.
    • Electrocutions or electrical injuries.
    • Trench or excavation collapses.
    • Crane-related mishaps.
    • Heavy machinery or equipment malfunctions.
    • Slip and fall incidents on construction sites.

No matter the nature of the accident you’ve faced, our adept New York construction accident lawyers will rigorously examine your case, pinpoint all liable parties, and strive to secure the highest possible compensation for you.

New York Labor Laws and Accident Claims

New York has specific labor laws in place to protect construction workers and ensure a safe working environment. Some of the most relevant laws for construction accident claims include:
  • Labor Law Section 240 ,also known as the “Scaffold Law,” provides special protection to workers who suffer falls from heights or are struck by falling objects. This law places strict liability on owners, general contractors, and their agents for injuries sustained due to inadequate safety equipment or failure to provide proper protection.
  • Labor Law Section 241(6) requires general contractors and site owners to maintain safe construction sites and comply with specific safety regulations2. Under this law, owners and contractors must ensure that all areas in which construction, excavation, or demolition work is being performed are constructed, shored, equipped, guarded, arranged, operated, and conducted to provide reasonable and adequate protection and safety to the workers.

These labor laws may provide additional avenues for injured workers to pursue compensation beyond workers’ compensation benefits. Our New York construction accident lawyer will carefully review your case to determine the best legal strategy for your unique situation.

Third-Party Liabillity in Construction Accident Cases

In some cases, parties other than your employer may be responsible for your construction accident injuries. These third-party claims can be pursued in addition to workers’ compensation claims, potentially increasing the compensation you may recover. Examples of third-party liability in construction accident cases may include:

    • Negligent subcontractors
    • Manufacturers of defective tools or equipment
    • Site owners who fail to maintain a safe environment

Our experienced New York construction accident lawyers will thoroughly investigate your case to identify all potentially liable parties and seek maximum compensation for your injuries.


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