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Personal Injury

    Experienced Personal Injury Lawyers in Nassau & Suffolk County, NY

    At Palacios Law Group, we passionately represent Nassau and Suffolk County residents in personal injury cases. If someone’s negligence has harmed you, turn to us for vigorous defense. For free consultation, reach out online or call (631)673-1000.

    Proven Expertise in Personal Injury and Civil Litigation

    Palacios Law Group handles a wide variety of personal injury, including:

    • Car, truck, bicycle, pedestrian, and motorcycle accidents
    • Public transit injuries and bus accidents
    • Workplace mishaps and construction accidents
    • Slip-and-falls, premises and products liability
    • Dog bites and medical malpractice
    • Municipal liability, including police brutality
    • Wrongful death

    Committed to Maximum Compensation

    When you start a legal journey, your choice of representation greatly affects the outcome. You don't just need an attorney; you need one who understands your unique situation's nuances. Often, this understanding comes from experience. So, it's vital to choose a lawyer with a history of handling cases like yours. The firm's tenacity also matters greatly. Many individuals feel overwhelmed by large corporations or huge insurance companies. But the right representation can challenge even these giants. It's comforting to know that your chosen firm will stand strong against such entities. Look at Palacios Law Group as an example. We don’t just talk; we deliver results. We have tackled tough cases and won, securing millions for our clients. And we're not talking about minor injuries, but severe conditions like traumatic brain injuries and serious spinal cord damage. These results show our deep commitment. When potential damages grow, the opposing side strengthens their defense. They might try to shift blame or minimize the injury impact, using strategies to safeguard their position. But Palacios Law Group ensures those who act negligently face their actions and are held accountable.


    Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer in New York: Seeking Justice for Victims

    Car accidents can be traumatizing. Our team, well-versed in New York’s car accident laws, constructs solid cases against negligent drivers and insurers. We also specialize in trucking accidents, understanding their unique complexities and ensuring victims receive their due compensation.

    Wrongful Death Cases: Helping Families Find Closure

    Experiencing the loss of a loved one due to negligence is deeply traumatizing. In these moments, Palacios Law Group’s empathetic wrongful death attorneys offer support. By managing the intricate legal dimensions, we allow families the space to grieve and heal. Our goal is to secure compensation for immediate financial burdens and to ensure the enduring emotional trauma is acknowledged. With our team, experts in these matters, rest assured that your loved one’s memory is revered and that justice is pursued.


    Medical Malpractice Lawyer in New York: Advocating for Victims of Negligent Healthcare

    Palacios Law Group doesn’t solely specialize in personal injury; we’re also fierce advocates for medical malpractice victims. Our knowledgeable attorneys tirelessly work to hold erring healthcare professionals accountable. Realizing the irreversible impact of medical mishaps, our team extends consistent support throughout these times. Place your trust in our hands to steer your claim to its rightful conclusion.


    New York Construction Accident Lawyer: Protecting the Rights of All Construction Accident Victims

    Construction locales are inherently perilous, threatening not just workers but also passing civilians. Mishaps here can either lead to severe injuries or, tragically, even death. Fully acquainted with the regulatory landscape, our construction accident lawyers persistently protect the rights of all victims. By ensuring you’re rightly compensated, while seeking justice for the anguish and trauma suffered.


    Why Choose Palacios Law Group?

    Our personal injury attorneys stand out with their deep understanding of the challenges injury victims face. With a solid track record in Nassau and Suffolk County, NY, we’re here for you. Contact us at (631)673-1000 or online for a free consultation.

    Note: We work on a contingency fee basis – you owe nothing unless we win for you.


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