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Will Filing Bankruptcy Affect Immigration Status?

The presence of debt can make the immigration process seem more complicated. It is not uncommon for people seeking citizenship to worry that filing for bankruptcy will hurt their immigration status, keeping them from coming forward and getting the fresh start they deserve.

Filing for bankruptcy does not influence a person’s immigration status or ability to apply for citizenship. In fact, section 525 (a) of the US Bankruptcy Code prevents discrimination against a person filing for bankruptcy.

You Will Be Fine If You Follow The Rules

The reason a bankruptcy filing can result in trouble for some people is that they break the rules, exposing their immigration status to damage. For example, lying on your bankruptcy petition, withholding relevant information, or failing to disclose assets can hurt your immigration status. Your record will be reviewed by immigration officials and evidence of crimes – such as lying under oath or falsifying documents – can be used as evidence that you lack the good moral character to have your immigration application approved.

Talk To A Lawyer

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