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How are dog bite incidents rated?

While the majority of dog and human interaction is calm, not every interaction is so peaceful. If you suffered a dog bite due to an aggressive or poorly trained dog, then you know how much harm one animal can cause.

The Association of Professional Dog Trainers assessed the severity of a dog’s aggression based on the wound.

Minor dog-bite incidents

Minor dog incidents involve level one, two and three bite wounds. Level one dog bites do not include contact with teeth, whereas level two involves contact without puncturing. These are the most common incidents, normally caused by a rambunctious or fearful dog. These dogs generally require more basic training from the owner.

Level three bite wounds, on the other hand, include one to four punctures but none deeper than half of the dog’s teeth. The bites may include lacerations. You may require medical attention for these types of wounds, but often the dog needs more bite-inhibition training.

Serious dog bite incidents

Serious dog bites include level four, five and six wounds. Level four wounds have at least one puncture deeper than half of the length of a dog’s tooth. These bites may occur with deep bruising. Trainers may be able to help level four dogs, but it is a difficult process. In this case, owners may have to keep the dog confined or muzzled around company or in public.

Level five bites may be more than one level four bites or multiple bites with at least one level four bite. A level six attack results in the death of the victim. If you suffer this type of dog attack, the animal in question is the most dangerous and untrainable.



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