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Managing The Difficulties Of Divorce

Divorce causes complications that you did not expect. This is not a surprising statement, but the intricate problems that arise in a divorce surprise most people. The process is not as straightforward as it seems, and if your upcoming divorce raises concerns for your future you want to get representation that can advocate for you and guide you to the best possible outcome.

At Palacios Law Group, our attorneys are experienced litigators who know the New York family law court system. We argue cases frequently and have earned a reputation as highly professional and knowledgeable advisers, and we will work to build a plan that will get you to the next stage.

Finding Your Priority

In your divorce, you need to plan for what you most want. Figuring out what matters most to you can help us in devising a strategy to attain your goals. When you meet with us, we will ask you such questions as:

  • What are your child custody priorities?
  • Do you need personal financial support or child support?
  • Are you worried about your property division?
  • Do you have any adoption-related issues?
  • Have you and your spouse done any estate planning?

The answers to these questions help us build a profile of your needs so we can make a personally crafted plan for you. Your needs are yours alone. You get to make your own priorities, and it is our duty to pursue those needs as far as possible.

Get Started With A Plan That Works For You

Our lawyers make a point of building a plan with you. If you are a mother, a father, working parent, stay-at-home parent, a long-time Mineola resident or an undocumented immigrant, we will work around your needs. Get in touch with us to find out how.

For a free consultation, call 516-873-8783  or use our online form. We practice across the state of New York for your convenience.

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