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Filing An Accident Claim


Filing An Accident Claim For A Motor Vehicle Accident

After any kind of accident from a fender bender to a major collision, filing your accident claim may be one of the last things on your mind. However, you will have to do it. Getting your information together and filing a claim properly at the beginning will save you time and frustration later.

The attorneys of Palacios Law Group know the law and can apply it to your situation to provide the advice you need to file a successful claim.

How We Help Your Claim

By offering knowledge of the litigation process and how it will likely play out for you, we can guide you through your filing. Provided you have no serious injuries after your accident, the basic steps you will need to complete are:

  • Contact the police: The police should receive a report of every accident. It is a record-keeping process and is required in the case of an injury or damage to a parked car.

  • Gather evidence: Right after your accident, you should take pictures of your car, get contact information from the other driver, any of their passengers and any possible witnesses.

  • Contact your insurance company: Make a call to your insurance company, There are time limits for certain claim filings within New York, so you must move quickly.

It is wise to be wary when speaking with them and provide basic information on the accident. From here, the insurance company takes the lead on your claim. With our help, you can provide statements that are most appropriate for getting you the outcome you need.

Get A Free Consultation On Your Insurance Claim Before You File

Contact our lawyers for a consultation before you file your claim with your insurance company. We will educate you on how fault works in New York and claim developments to watch for, and we promise to be there to protect your rights if your insurance company acts in bad faith.

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