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Separation Of Families

The Struggles Of Separated Families

Family Attorneys

People immigrate to the United States to pursue a better life. They get jobs, start families and put down roots just like any other family. However, undocumented immigrants face daily challenges and unique threats that can tear their families apart.

Separation of families under current U.S. immigration law happens, and those suffering because of it should not face this situation alone. The family attorneys of Palacios Law Group have diverse experience confronting the system when New York family law matters collide with U.S. immigration policy.

Advocacy When Your Children Are Citizens

While every family deserves to be together, legal realities make that goal complicated. If you face deportation, but your children were born in this country you must make difficult choices. You will confront hard questions like:

  • Who will have guardianship of your children?
  • Where will your kids live?
  • Is there any way to be reunited with your family?

We work with you to resolve these important questions. For some, we advocate for you as you pursue reunification. For others, we will offer advice on your options for guardianships and immigration needs.

Guidance When Your Parents Are Undocumented

The responsibility for resolving any legal issue falls to the person with the best grasp of English. For undocumented immigrants facing deportation, that person is often one of their citizen children. These teenagers and young adults will bear the practical, emotional responsibility — if not the legal burden — for the actions taken. We guide these young people and offer them solutions and options to move forward.


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