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Experts say immigration helps the economy

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Immigrants in New York and elsewhere across the United States play vital roles in the economy, labor force and overall well-being of the country. Unfortunately, misinformation continues to circulate regularly, leaving some confused about their place. For those who hope to utilize immigration paths to come to the United States, understanding the importance of that role might help.

In 1960, the U.S. birth rate was at 3.65 births for every woman. The current birth rate is down to 1.8, which is less than the 2.1 births needed to replace and sustain existing populations. Without immigrants, the workforce would shrink, leaving positions open and employers struggling to find a way to fill the gaps. The federal government would be worse off too, since Social Security is funded by current workers.

Immigrants also boost the national economy. Although some people worry that immigrants cost the country more than they pay back, second-generation immigrants contribute more to the federal government than native-born citizens. These contributions are not limited to documented immigrants, either. Undocumented workers provide an estimated $11.6 billion in taxes every year, and both documented and undocumented immigrants are far less likely to apply for public benefits.

With a shrinking workforce and a surplus of jobs that some New York citizens seems hesitant to pursue, immigration plays a pivotal role in the U.S. economy. For these reasons and more, getting applications submitted correctly the first time around is extremely important. Working with an experienced attorney can help those who are confused by the process fill things out accurately and submit necessary documents on time.

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