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Immigration: Attending school in the United States

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Attending school in the United States is an exciting and lucrative opportunity. For international students who wish to study in New York, securing the appropriate non-immigrant student visa involves meeting several requirements. Consider the follow immigration law requirements when getting ready to apply.

Students must first be accepted to either a vocational program, language-training program or U.S. educational institution. Attending part-time is not an option, so applicants should be sure to apply as full-time students. The institution must also be valid in the student visa requirements, and the student must have already completed the required prerequisites for their studies. Unless the student’s purpose of study is in an English language program, this includes demonstrating a sufficient use of the language. Exceptions are made if the program is taught in the student’s native language.

Being accepted as a student and demonstrating an understanding of English is still not sufficient for securing a student visa. Applicants must also show that they have sufficient financial resources to not only cover the cost of their program of study but also their living expenses. This does not necessarily mean that they must have enough money on hand, but that they have secured funding to support themselves for the duration of their program.

Attending a New York university or participating in a vocational training program can be not only an exciting experience, it can also give some students a competitive edge after leaving school. It is important that these students fully understand all of the requirements for securing a non-immigrant student visa. Otherwise, they risk delays in the immigration process which could potentially affect their education.

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