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Multitasking drivers at risk of causing personal injury accidents

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New York drivers tend to be in a hurry. With a lot of things to accomplish in a short amount of time, many of these people are multitasking most of the day, even when they are behind the wheel. Unfortunately, it is not possible to safely multitask and drive, and distracted drivers place everyone on the road at an elevated risk of suffering injuries in a personal injury accident. 

Distracted driving is often associated with cellphone use, including talking or texting. However, there are many things that can distract a person while he or she is behind the wheel, including eating, talking to a passenger, trying to reach something or even adjusting the radio. Any behavior besides giving full attention to the road is not necessary. 

There are strict laws in place in New York to combat the problem of distracted driving. If caught, a driver could get points on his or her license and face a license suspension. There are even designated areas for drivers to pull over and safely check texts, read an email and do other things on the phone. Despite distracted driving laws and special texting zones, many drivers still choose to engage in this type of negligent behavior.

Distracted driving is one of the leading causes of car accidents. If anyone suffers injuries in a crash caused by a distracted driver, the accident victim has the right to seek recovery of monetary damages through a personal injury claim. After an accident, a victim may find it beneficial to seek an explanation from an experienced personal injury attorney of the specific legal options available. 

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