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Are changes coming to family immigration?

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A new proposal could change how new immigrants make their way to New York. While the current immigration system prioritizes those who already have familial ties in the United States, the proposed changes would get rid of family immigration as most people know it. Instead, a point-based system would emphasize those with certain background levels or specialized skills.

Sponsoring a family member to come to the United States is a significant perk of being a citizen or green card holder, but President Trump thinks that the process should have less to do with family ties. His recently released proposal states that factors such as employability should be considered more important. In the points system the likelihood of not just having a job but also the potential to create new jobs in the United States would also be important.

Applicants would also be required to take a U.S. civics exam as part of the application process. Younger applicants might fare better than those who are older, as the system would award points based on things like age and English proficiency. Proponents of the proposed points system claim that younger immigrants and those who already speak and understand English generally adapt better to life in this country. It is not clear what data they used to come to these conclusions.

The points system would ultimately focus on bringing skilled workers to the country, but some worry that it would prioritize wealthy and well-educated immigrants over others. This could be a serious concern for some people in New York who are still hoping to utilize family immigration to sponsor their loved ones. However, these are still only proposed changes, so there is still time for individuals to submit applications as needed.

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