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Are fathers treated fairly in family law matters?

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Despite the increasingly active roles that dads play in the lives of their children, popular entertainment media still tends to portray fathers as incompetent when it comes to child rearing. This is hardly the case for many New York fathers, but the perception of fathers as less caring persists. These biases also show up in family law. In many instances, fathers believe they are treated unfairly in terms of child custody.

The idea of the deadbeat father is widespread, but it is not entirely accurate. Many unmarried fathers want to be actively involved in their children’s lives. However, men are often unaware of their rights or are worried about taking their children’s mothers to court. Dads in this situation often express that fear of wrongful accusations of violence.

Divorced fathers may have better access to their children through child custody arrangements, but these dads face hurdles too, though. Over half of adults in America think that mothers are better suited for child rearing, even though there are currently around two million men who are stay-at-home dads. Long-held beliefs about fatherhood may be making it harder for divorced dads to get as much parenting time as they might want or that is in the best interests of their children.

New York parents should always keep their children’s best interests at the center of all child custody matters. Unfortunately, a father’s role in the life of his child is often undervalued or even overlooked entirely. Fathers who are worried that they are being treated unfairly during child custody matters should consider speaking with a family law attorney, who can clarify their rights and options.

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