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Fake court dates keeping out people re asylum

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Getting asylum is not always easy, but it is a big victory for those who achieve it and go on to successfully live and work in New York. However, some people are finding that being granted asylum is not actually giving them the opportunity to enter the United States. Immigration officials at the border are apparently turning away people who have been granted asylum and even going so far as to issue fake court dates instead.

One man recently learned that his court date set in Jan. 2020 is fake, and that no such court date ever existed. Upon learning that his request for asylum had been granted, the 25-year-old man traveled to a port of entry where he presented the necessary documents to an official with the U.S. Customs and Border Protection. The official refused to let him into the country and instead provided him with a notice for the court date.

This is not the first time this has happened, and it is apparently becoming increasingly common. Homeland Security has 30 days in which it can appeal a judge’s decision to grant asylum, and CBP officials are making people wait across the border in Mexico until that period of time is up. Part of the method for keeping these individuals out of the United States involves issuing notices for fake court dates.

The immigration and asylum process is complicated enough without throwing in added barriers to success. Unfortunately, rules and laws seem to be changing nearly every day, which leaves many immigrants living in New York confused about their options. There is so much on the line when it comes to immigration, so hoping for the best is simply not enough. Familiarizing one’s self with important laws and seeking help when necessary may be a better option.

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