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Combating depression after an unfavorable custody decision

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For many parents, child custody is a very emotionally draining issue. Aside from the time and legal costs associated with getting a divorce, some parents are devastated as a result of an unfavorable custody decision. Whether you have to accept that you will spend less time with your child or you are unable to visit them altogether, this is a very upsetting reality that sometimes leads to depression. 

If you are struggling with depression or other negative emotions, such as anxiety, it is very important to look into ways to combat your negative feelings. 

Strategies to battle custody-related depression

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, courts consider many factors when making custody decisions and a parent’s emotional well-being could play a role in their ability to secure custody. Often, nothing can make up for the emotional pain that fathers and mothers experience when they cannot spend as much time as they want with their kids. Many parents feel helpless in this position and some feel like giving up. However, there are legal options available to a lot of parents who are going through this. Moreover, many parents benefit from counseling, reaching out to friends and family members as well as pursuing hobbies and healthy activities (such as hiking or painting) that help them channel their negative emotions in a more healthy manner. 

Strategies to protect your relationship with your child

If you are trying to come to terms with an unfavorable custody decision, make sure you look into legal strategies that could help improve your circumstances. Sometimes, parents are able to fight for their custody or visitation rights in court and spend more time with their kids. Furthermore, depression can get in the way of a parent’s ability to maintain a healthy relationship with their child, especially in the wake of an upsetting custody decision, and addressing these feelings in a healthy manner is paramount. 

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