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Are you eligible for a green card?

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As someone seeking to move to the United States for an extended period of time or live here in the long term, you have several paths available to you. However, a green card is the first option that many individuals will take.

But to get a green card, you must fall into a group that has eligibility for application. Even that is the first step in a potentially lengthy process. But the process cannot even start until you know your eligibility.

Employment or family green card sponsorships

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services discusses eligibility for green cards. There are several categories of people eligible for the application process. Note that having the eligibility to apply for a green card does not necessarily mean you will get one.

That said, you are likely eligible if you are seeking a green card through employment. In this case, your employer will likely act as your sponsor and will help you go through the process needed to obtain your card.

You may also be eligible as an immediate relative of a U.S. citizen. This can include the parents, children or spouse of one. This may also count if your relative is a lawful permanent resident rather than a citizen.

Green cards for victims of crime and abuse

You can apply as a victim of crime or human trafficking. Somewhat related, you can also apply as a victim of abuse. There are even self-petition options available through certain institutions letting you apply without a sponsor if the U.S. citizen is your abuser.

Finally, if you have refugee or asylee status, you may also hold green card eligibility. Of course, each category comes with its own qualifications and disqualifications. If you may fall under multiple eligibility options, you can choose what suits your situation best.

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