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2 ways U.S. laws may protect immigrants

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Immigration laws determine who may enter the United States, when or if they must leave, and who may become legal permanent residents and naturalized citizens. Federal rules of the United States govern immigration law. An immigrant visa is a permit to work in the United States. Visas allow immigrants to remain in the United States permanently and eventually to apply for citizenship.

If you are an immigrant, you may face many challenges in the U.S. Two concerns that you may have are:

  1. Fear of filing an accident claim for an injury sustained on your worksite
  2. Fear of deportation if you commit a crime

If you suffer an injury on a job location such as a construction site

State and local laws require all construction businesses to abide by safety rules. Job site employee protection regulations apply to all documented or undocumented immigrants. If you are a construction laborer and have a work injury because of negligence, you may qualify for compensation.

Construction site dangers include:

  • Falling building materials
  • Collisions involving heavy construction vehicles
  • Exposure to hazardous materials

If you commit a crime

If an immigrant commits a crime, deportation is a major concern. Certain serious crimes can result in deportation. Penalties for smaller crimes may be less severe. In some situations, you may qualify for a waiver, or legal forgiveness, despite having committed a crime.

If you understand your rights and options as an immigrant, you can help to protect yourself, your family, and your future in the United States.

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