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Can parallel parenting serve your needs?

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As a divorced parent, you likely want your child to enjoy the support of both parents in their life. However, cooperating with your co-parent may feel like a distant dream that you are not sure how to achieve.

To this end, you can consider looking into parallel parenting. But exactly what is it, and how can it help you out?

Relying on written communication

As Psychology Today states, parallel parenting serves the needs of many different families in the tenuous period after a split. In specific, it can help you and your co-parent out if you do not feel currently capable of cooperating with one another without breaking into arguments or fighting. Some families simply need a little time and space to cool off and readjust to life after divorce first.

Parallel parenting provides that by replacing all other forms of communication with written communication only. This means you rely on texts, emails, instant messages and even written letters for the duration of your parallel parenting. In many cases, this vastly reduces the chance of you and your co-parent engaging in arguments and getting on one another’s nerves. You can even avoid conversing entirely if you need to.

How this benefits your child

This also benefits your child because it allows them the support of two active parents while preventing them from seeing you arguing, which many children of divorce later claim to be one of the most traumatic parts of their experience. If you wish to look into this option, consider contacting legal aid to learn more about whether or not it may suit your family’s needs.

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