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Risks associated with drowsy driving

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You need to keep an eye out for many different hazards on the road, especially other drivers who lose control of their vehicle for one reason or another. Aside from intoxication, high speeds and distractions, some drivers doze off or fail to focus when driving as a result of drowsiness. It is imperative for drivers to go over various risk factors connected to drowsy driving and take steps to stay safe behind the wheel.

Sadly, drowsy driving claims many lives each year, and many victims suffer injuries that alter the course of their lives.

A closer look at drowsy driving

The New York State Department of Health reports that a study found that more than half of adults had operated a vehicle while suffering from drowsiness in the past year, and 17% admitted to falling asleep behind the wheel. According to the Department of Health, the chances of becoming involved in a drowsy driving accident increase between 1 and 4 PM as well as 2 and 6 AM.

Drowsy driving risk factors

There are a number of reasons why people drive drowsy, such as those who have busy work schedules, students studying late at night, parents who have to take care of young children and those who have demanding work schedules. Sometimes, people struggle with sleep disorders, and even a one-off night of poor sleep can lead to dangerous driver fatigue.

If a drowsy driver caused an accident that left you or a family member hurt, you need to hold them accountable. Do not wait to look into your options.

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