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Common signs of a traumatic brain injury

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Automobile collisions, falls, violent assaults and even sports mishaps can cause traumatic brain injuries. Any severe blow or bump to the head can cause damage.

The signs of a traumatic brain injury are often subtle and overlooked. There are many different severities of traumatic brain injury. A medical diagnosis is necessary to determine the severity and proper treatment.

Physical signs

A mild traumatic brain injury may cause headaches, nausea and extreme tiredness. Dizziness and balance problems may occur after a TBI. Light or sound may be newly bothersome to someone with a traumatic brain injury. They may also complain of vision problems.

Cognitive signs

Someone with a traumatic brain injury may experience confusion, trouble thinking clearly and feeling groggy or as if they are in a fog. Long-term and short-term memory problems are also common in people with traumatic brain injuries.

Behavioral signs

A person who recently suffered a head injury who displays a shift in personality or behavior for no reason may have a traumatic brain injury. This can present as extreme emotional swings, anxiety, irritability or persistent sadness.

Sleep disruption signs

Disruption of normal sleep patterns is a common sign of a traumatic brain injury. When caring for someone after a head injury, be on the lookout for sleeping way less or much more than usual. If someone with a head injury experiences difficulty waking up, seek medical attention immediately.

If someone with a recent head injury experiences any severe form of these symptoms, or the symptoms last for an extended amount of time, their TBI could be severe, and they might need urgent medical intervention.

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