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How can you prevent distracted driving?

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Momentary distractions while driving in New York may not seem like a big deal until they are. Looking away from the road for even a second can have severe consequences and life-altering outcomes.

Recognizing the dangers of distracted driving may give you the incentive to avoid multitasking behind the wheel. Committing to preventing distractions can improve your safety and confidence on the road.

Cargo and passengers

Distraction can happen on three levels: visual, cognitive and manual. According to the New York State, Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee, a study found that nearly 80% of traffic accidents in the state happened after a driver looked away from the road. This makes distracted driving the leading cause of car accidents in New York.

It may surprise you to learn that cargo can create a distraction. If your drink spills or a grocery bag slips off of the seat or your pet’s cage slides across the bench, you may find yourself scrambling to make a catch. This could divert your attention or cause you to overcorrect. Make sure that you adequately secure your cargo prior to starting your drive. Equally as important, if you have small children or other passengers who may need something while you drive, make sure you tend to their needs beforehand so you can focus on driving the remainder of your journey.

Tasks and devices

If you commute to work regularly, you may feel tempted to use the time to finish getting ready for the day or eat a meal. However, these types of activities can reduce your awareness at an alarming rate. The same goes for using electronic devices while driving. This may include programming a GPS unit or answering a phone call. Putting all electronics away until you safely stop may save a life.

Car accidents resulting from driver distraction could end your life as you know it. You can contribute to your safety and the safety of others when you take the responsible route.

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