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3 important steps to becoming a citizen of the United States

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Naturalization is the process by which you can become a citizen of the United States even if you originated from another country. Becoming a naturalized citizen grants you all the rights and privileges that you would have if you were born here.

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services describes some of the most important steps you have to take to become a naturalized citizen of the United States.

1. Learn about what citizenship means for you

All citizens of the United States, whether naturalized or born here, have certain rights and responsibilities. If you wish to become naturalized, you have to learn about the obligations it entails, not only to gain citizenship but to exercise it.

You also have to determine whether you are eligible for naturalization. There are criteria you have to meet.

2. Submit an application

To become a citizen of the United States, you need to fill out an application, also known as Form N-400. Along with the form, you also have to produce documents that show your eligibility for naturalization and pay an application fee.

3. Complete the interview

If the USCIS accepts your application, it will schedule you for an interview. You will receive a notice informing you of the date of your interview. The interview includes two assessments: a civics test and an English language test. The interviewer will also ask you questions about your background and your application.

The final step in the naturalization process is to take an Oath of Allegiance to the United States. This takes place at a special ceremony. At the ceremony, you will receive a Certificate of Naturalization. You should review this for accuracy. If you find any errors, notify USCIS officials immediately.

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