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Unpaid child support and license suspension

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If you fail to pay child support, you could face different penalties. Aside from passport denial, intercepted tax refunds, frozen assets and liens, you could also struggle due to license suspension. In fact, in addition to losing your driver’s license, the state could also suspend other licenses you have, such as your recreational or occupational licenses.

It is important to avoid falling behind on your child support obligations in the first place, and carefully evaluate the options you have if you owe back support.

Back child support and your licenses

The New York State Child Support Program states that if you have fallen behind on child support payments for more than four months, the state could suspend your driver’s license. Before the suspension, the state will mail a notice to you. In order to avoid losing your license, you need to either set up sufficient payment arrangements, pay what you owe in full or successfully challenge the suspension. Sometimes, parents who lose their licenses due to back support can secure a restricted license that allows them to drive to work or school.

Falling behind on child support for over four months could also lead to the suspension of your recreational, occupational or professional licenses.

Difficulty paying child support

If you have a hard time paying child support, it is smart to review your circumstances and potential strategies to avoid becoming delinquent. For example, if you lost your job, you may want to look into modifying your child support order. You should also try to set aside money for future payments, if possible, and do everything in your power to stay current so that you do not face license suspension and other penalties.

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