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Pedestrian injury data and risk factors

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There are many different hazards that you need to watch out for whenever you walk near moving vehicles. In addition to going over risk factors associated with pedestrian accidents, you should review data on the number of people who suffer injuries in order to understand the prevalence of this serious problem.

Sadly, many reckless drivers continue to place lives in danger by speeding, getting behind the wheel while intoxicated and using their phones when they should focus on the road instead. Drivers who cause pedestrians to suffer injuries and lose their lives must answer for the consequences of their behavior.

Statistics shed light on pedestrian accident injuries

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that according to estimates for 2020, 104,000 emergency room visits occurred as a result of nonfatal pedestrian accident injuries. Furthermore, the CDC also points out that speeding is especially concerning with respect to pedestrian accidents, not only because it increases the chances of an accident but the severity of a victim’s injuries as well.

Aside from injuries, pedestrian accidents sometimes prove fatal. Over 7,000 pedestrians died in traffic accidents during 2020.

Risks associated with pedestrian accidents

Pedestrian accidents continue to occur for a myriad of reasons. Dangerous intersections and a pedestrian’s attempt to cross the road can result in an accident. Poor visibility can also cause these accidents, and you can wear reflective clothes and use a flashlight to help drivers see you at night. Drugs, alcohol, distractions, high speeds and inclement weather could also lead to an accident.

If you currently face challenges as a result of a pedestrian accident injury caused by a driver’s negligence, you deserve justice.

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