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What happens with frontal lobe damage?

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When you suffer from a blow to the front or back of the head, it is possible that you may experience frontal lobe damage.

This type of brain injury can have unique repercussions and effects depending on several factors. What exactly happens when this area of the brain suffers from damage?

What is in the frontal lobe?

Physiopedia talks about damage to the frontal lobe. This area of the brain contains several core components that affect the body and mental health of any given person. This is where you can find the prefrontal cortex, the premotor, motor and supplementary motor cortexes, the frontal eye fields and Broca’s Area.

These parts of the brain control, manage and maintain various physical and mental operations. It includes the storage and codification of memory, executive function, impulse control, and the control of smooth muscles in the body, mouth and eyes.

The impact of damage

When the frontal lobe gets damaged, the impact will often show in one or more of the aforementioned areas. For example, you could struggle with the formation of memories. You may even grow more aggressive and impulsive, lashing out at loved ones even if it goes against your usual character.

The extent and duration of the changes that occur will vary depending on numerous factors. This can include your overall health at the time of the incident, the strength behind the blow, and the exact area of the brain that suffered from damage.

Any measure of damage and resulting change can easily upset your life, though. One good way to approach recovery is through the understanding of how the process works and what happens to your injury along the way.

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