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Five men arrested and charged for North Shore burglaries

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Five men, who have been deemed part of an organized crime syndicate, have been charged with burglary by Nassau authorities. The men, ages 25, 26, 20, and 23, are a Chilean theft crew who are sent to certain parts of the county for the sole purpose of committing high-value theft, and sending proceeds back to a ringleader in Chile. They are in the U.S. on 90-day tourist visas, and all had Argentine visas when they were arrested.

This is the third time a crew such as this one have been arrested since December. The state of New York was admittedly targeted due to recent bail reform, which waives bail for misdemeanors and non-violent crime. However, due to significant flight risks, the Judge ordered each of these Defendants to be held without bail.  Based on bail reform laws, only two of them were charged with offenses that qualified for any amount of bail.

In New York, theft is also known as larceny, and sentencing guidelines are stated as such. Though the total value of all these most recent burglaries are unknown, the previous crew arrested in December stole $30,000 in watches and $8,000 in cash.  Previous to that crew, an entire safe was stolen. Theft of property worth over $3,000 is considered a Class D felony and can carry a prison sentence of up to seven years.  Theft of property worth over $50,000 is considered a Class C felony punishable by prison time of up to 15 years. Fines imposed usually equal twice the value of stolen goods.

Any person who is charged with crimes of such a complex nature as these should immediately consult with an experienced attorney. The less that is said without an attorney present, the better your chances of being released on your own recognizance rather than held without bail.

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